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Compass Financial Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to providing clients with professional, individual attention necessary to help them achieve their financial goals.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve financial security using strategies based on the principles of safety security and preservation of assets so they can realize a comfortable retirement. We provide accurate and up-to-date education to our clients and create customized plans focusing on their specific needs and objectives. We also help families obtain financial aid to fund college education for their children.

Compass Financial Solutions, Inc. offers the following services to clients and prospects:

• Pre and Post Retirement Planning

• Estate Planning

• Capital Preservation Planning

• Income Planning

• Health-care Planning

• Disability Income Planning

• College Financial Aid Planning

• Social Security Planning

Educational Financial Seminars

Questions About Your Financial Future?

Financial planning is a complex field, so it is wise to consult with experts. Here are some questions that you may have pondered:

How can you be sure that your IRA beneficiary designations will pass inheritance as you intended?

Will re-positioning your assets lower or eliminate tax on your social security?

Is there a way to get reasonably high returns without risking your nest egg?

Can you pay off your mortgage and get an income from your house, without losing your home?

Can you pay for nursing care without sacrificing your children’s inheritance and your spouse’s lifestyle?

How can I minimize the cost of sending my children to college and continue funding my retirement plan?

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A secure financial future starts with careful planning.

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