Important Message from the Compass News Network:

Important Message from the Compass News Network: To all our clients and friends-we are pleased to provide you with a complimentary PDF copy of Patrick Lyman”s new book-“The Path To a Stress Free Retirement-Your Blueprint for Building a Personal Paycheck For Life”. 

The Compass team hopes that spending some time reading Pat’s new book may help to fill up some of the current down time we are all dealing with given the extraordinary circumstances in our world as we know it. We sincerely hope you enjoy the book and should you wish to explore in more detail any of the concepts/ideas presented in it ,feel free to call us for a more in depth discussion etc.

We would like to help you build your own paycheck for life!!! In the meantime ,stay safe, stay healthy, and stay protected.!!!

Yours Truly,The Compass team.

Good Reading!!!

The Concept Behind the Series

When it comes to retirement planning, Americans are in trouble. It’s a problem that hits every group, gender and income level. No matter what your career is, how much you earn, or what your age–there is a good chance that you, or someone you know, hasn’t saved enough or planned effectively for a comfortable retirement. This series aims to change that by offering books tailored to helping solve the retirement planning problems facing a variety of different people and motivate them all to stop procrastinating and START PLANNING!

Your 30-Day Retirement Plan: The Book That Started it All!



Compass Financial Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to providing clients with professional, individual attention necessary to help them achieve their financial goals.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve financial security using strategies based on the principles of safety security and preservation of assets so they can realize a comfortable retirement. We provide accurate and up-to-date education to our clients and create customized plans focusing on their specific needs and objectives. We also help families obtain financial aid to fund college education for their children. […]

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